Nwebonyi Commends 10th Senate, Says it's United and pro People


The lawmaker representing Ebonyi North Senatorial district, of the 10th senate Senator Peter Nwebonyi, has commended the leadership of Senate President Godswill Akpabio, stating that the upper chamber is more united than ever under his guidance.

"I must tell you, it's been wonderful under the leadership of our able President, His Excellency Godswill Akpabio, who is also the chairman of the 10th national assembly," Nwebonyi said in an interview with journalists on Tuesday. "Like he is known as an uncommon transformer, he has actually proved that in all ramifications; in terms of bringing all the senators together, in terms of carrying all the Senators along, in terms of being a father to all the senators."

Nwebonyi dismissed insinuations that the 10th Senate is a rubber stamp to the executive, citing instances where the chamber has taken a stand against unpopular policies. "We are not a rubber stamp, we have stood up against the increase in electricity tariff and we are currently supporting the labor union's demand for a higher minimum wage," he said.

The Senator also challenged Nigerian youths to be creative and entrepreneurial, sharing his own story of overcoming adversity after his father's death. "Let me use this medium to advise Nigerian youths, nothing good comes easy, you must pay a prize to be great, don't wait for government to make you great, or make your children great, you can achieve it, if I did it and I am a senator today, you can also do it even better," he said.

On the minimum wage, Nwebonyi explained that the 10th Senate is strongly behind the struggle of the organized labor, citing the current realities in the country where the N62,000 salary can't buy anything in the market. "We are standing by the labor, the prices of goods in the market have tripled, as such N62,000 cannot buy any reasonable thing in the market again, as a person, for a long time, none of my staff received less than N100,000 as salary because I am reasonable," he said.

Nwebonyi also rolled out his projects after one year as a senator, including empowerment programs, housing projects, and educational support. "Within my one year in office, I have done a lot of empowerment in my senatorial district; and most of the empowerments were through my hard-earned money in my farm and company because it's my resolution before God not to sit and watch poor people getting poorer while the rich getting richer, I intend to breach that gap since God has blessed and is still blessing me," he said.

The Senator attributed his victory at the 2023 parliamentary elections poll to Minister of Works David Umahi and Senate President Godswill Akpabio, who supported him despite opposition from others. "I am eternally grateful to His Excellency Dave Umahi who picked me up, believes in me, and supported me to become a senator, and also my Senate President Godswill Akpabio who took over from where Umahi stopped and made me a principal officer in the 10th Senate. I will never disappoint the trust they bestowed in me," he said.

“Nigeria must be let off the hook, and I want to assure you that the 10th Senate under the leadership of Senator Godswill Akpabio will make that happen. We will not be a rubber stamp to the executive, we will stand up for what is right and ensure that the voices of Nigerians are heard." - Senator Peter Nwebonyi