"I didn't donate Clay Pots as Constituency Projects"~Sen. Hanga Declares


"I Should Be Jailed If I Donate Clay Pots As Constituency Projects" - Senator Hanga Defends, Advocates for Equity Over Equality in State Allocation

Senator Rufai Sani Hanga, representing Kano Central on Thursday, 6th June 2024 defended his decision to donate clay pots, burial brocade across 15 local government areas of his constituency.

Hanga, a ranking Senator who spoke to news men, said that his gesture tallies with a pro-poor family tradition he grew up with.

Senator Hanga explained that he has been providing these items even before becoming a senator, and many people are aware of this longstanding tradition.

Senator Hanga emphasized that he has been working on various projects in his senatorial district, including building roads in 10 local government areas, women's centers in six local councils, and providing incentives to women and youth.

The two-term Senator disclosed that he has also sponsored over 2,000 students to Kano Polytechnic and paid scholarships to 1,500 Bayero University students.

Additionally, he has built an Islammiyya school (AhbabunNabiyi Islammiyya) in Dan Dishe town, Kano State, at the request of some Ullamas.

To address poverty and hunger, Senator Hanga has distributed assorted grains, including rice, spaghetti, and millets, with 450 bags allocated to each of the 15 local government areas in Kano.

Senator Hanga maintains that he has no regrets about his actions, as he used his personal funds and not constituency project funds.

He encourages people to focus on the positive impact of his projects rather than criticizing his personal traditions.

Senator Hanga also advocated for equity over equality in the state allocation of elected representatives.

He believes that larger states like Kano, Rivers, and Lagos should have more representatives in the senate, citing the US parliament as an example.

"In the US, some states have six representatives, while others have only one. Similarly, larger states in Nigeria should have more representatives in the senate," Senator Hanga argued.

He emphasized that his constituency is one of the largest, with 15 local governments in Kano, and that Kano should have more representatives in the senate.